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Due to China Shipping Regulations, we are out of stock of Pandora Batteries. We only have CFW White PSP's in Stock and 1gb Magic Memory Sticks

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We ship from Florida and we are the only Pandora Battery company that ships from the USA. Beware other Pandora Battery companies!They are shipping blank memory sticks and letting the customer figure out how to load the CFW. They are drop shipping packages from China and will take 3 weeks to receive these items. They may even state they are in the USA, but they are dropshipping.

Recently there is a lot of copycat websites showing and some are NOT even installing the custom firmware on the memory sticks, which is the most difficult part! They also can not show the great customer service we give here at PandoraSales.com.

Please see our checkout our Pandora Battery Customer Reviews section or our Pandora Battery Sales Community Forum. We have 100's of customer reviews, while other websites have less than 10. We can show that the sale does not end when we ship to you. Ask our expert staff any Pandora Battery question you have. All emails returned within the same day if not the same hour and we ship 6 days per week from Orlando, Florida.

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Pandora Battery Support

Those with Pandora Battery questions or inquiries about any other products available on our website are encouraged to contact us at mailto:info@pandorasales.com or fill out the form on our website. Operating since 2001, we proudly provide quality products and fast shipping to each of our valued customers. It is for this reason we continue to experience exponential growth. See for yourself why so many shoppers come to us when purchasing a Pandora battery online.